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NOTE: English version of this manual in out of date. There are some features not covered by this documentation. Feel free to use communicator to ask your questions, most of players are currently Russians, but there are lots of people speaking English.

“Divide&Conquer” is a massive multiplayer turn-based strategy with web-interface. Turns are calculated three times a day, at 2:00, 10:00 and 18:00 GMT.

Game allows several thousands of users to play in the same universe. All you need to join the game is a reasonably modern browser (IE5, Opera 7, Safari, Mozilla 1.5, Firefox, Camino – any). You do not have to download and install anything. You do not even need any browser extensions like flash of java. You can play from internet-cafe, in your office or at home or wherever you can access internet.

Suggested monitor resolution is 1024*768, thou you can play with 640*480 display too, while not so comfortable.

IMPORTANT! Although this game is not really dedicated, if it is your first turn-based strategy, you will most probably have problems understanding all game features. Do not panic. You can play D&C well even if you only understand basic concepts. If you have already played games such as “Civilization”, “Master of Orion”, “Star Wars Rebellion” or any other TBS, you will benefit from your knowledge, but still will have areas to explore.

To play, you have logon to this server and give your orders. Depending on the situation in your sector it could be desirable to login twice a day or every other day. Your orders are stored on server until the turn time comes, then all your orders are executed. Until then, most of your orders could be canceled or changed, after the turn was calculated you have no way back.

Game is “endless”. This means there are no periodical restarts or anything like that. You build your empire day by day, month by month.

Hint: To take full advantage of game's design you can switch your browser to full-screen mode (F11) while playing.

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